Marqués de Cáceres
invites you to discover the wine
culture and to enjoy a
unique experience

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We want to share our passion for wine and open our doors to show the tireless work in the vineyard and in the winery, and the continual reinvestment in technology, modernisation and successive extensions. Marqués de Cáceres invites you to discover the wine culture and to enjoy a unique experience.

We offer a wide range of options for visits in order to meet the needs of each customer: from tours with tastings of two of the winery’s traditional wines to visits with a tasting of the special Marqués de Cáceres wines, an example of the dynamism of this great business project. Reserve your place on a tour. We await you with the doors open.

Wine is made in the vineyard

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This is a particularly widespread saying in the wine world, and whilst it is not without truth, at Marqués de Cáceres we believe that the winery, technology and a large, rigorous technical team are equally important in order to guarantee the quality of the final product irrespective of the clemency or inclemency of each year.

Since it was founded, Marqués de Cáceres has had a guaranteed supply of grapes in privileged areas of high-quality vineyards, principally located in areas of the Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa sub-regions, and particularly in the town of Cenicero where the winery is situated. Our technical teams are responsible for monitoring and supervising the vine growing tasks with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of the fruit harvested each year.

In many cases, the vines are over thirty years old and it is mainly the Tempranillo (red) and Viura (white) varieties that guarantee the grapes required to make the highest quality wines. Every year, the Technical Management team at the winery establishes a strict calendar for when the grapes are to be harvested and enter the winery, according to the findings of visits made to the vineyards, tastings of the samples obtained and the ripening tests performed in the laboratory.

“Our exclusive wines are born in the oldest vineyards

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The Marqués de Cáceres winery is located in Cenicero, 20 kilometres from Logroño and in the heart of La Rioja Alta, the historic sub-region of La Rioja selected by the Bordeaux merchants in the second half of the nineteenth century in order to guarantee the wine supply after their vineyards were destroyed by the phylloxera plague.

Cenicero is one of the large grape-producing districts of La Rioja, close to the Ebro River and possessing the ideal microclimate and soil for growing vines. In 1790, Cenicero was the only district in La Rioja to have two votes in the Royal Economic Society of Rioja Winegrowers, created to boost the commercialisation of wine production, since it was the only town with a production of over 90,000 hoppers.

The Marqués de Cáceres winery controls around 985 hectares of winegrowers in the region, with whom it forged a close founding relationship in 1970, embarking upon commercial relationships which, in the majority of cases have been maintained with either the original winegrowers or their descendants.